70 Most Important Abbreviation of Yarn Manufacturing for Textile’s Competitive Exam

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Basically, an abbreviation is a shortening of a word or phrase. There are a number of reasons why abbreviations are used, including saving space and time, avoiding repetition, and conforming to common usage. In textile sector, there are many abbreviation is used. Here I will present, some most important abbreviation of yarn manufacturing engineering for textile’s competitive exam.

Abbreviation of Yarn Manufacturing for Textile’s Competitive Exam:

1.A.D =Actual Draft.36.P.W.=Pooker Wheel.
2.AFIS = Advance Fiber Information System.37.P.C.W = Production Change Wheel.
3.BIAS =Bale Inventory Analysis System.38.P.P.M =Picks Per Meter.
4.B.L.F = Bangladesh Labor Federation39.P.M.D =Percentage Mean Deviation.
5.B.J.T.U.= Bangladesh Jute Trade Union40.P.S.I =Pressure Per Square Inch.
6.B.P.I =Beats Per Inch.41.P.I = Pressleys Index.
7.C.B.C =Carpet Backing Cloth42.P.L.C.W.= Present Lift Change Wheel.
8.C.B.A = Collective Bargening Agent.43.P.R.W.= Present Ratchet Wheel.
9.C.R.T =Constant Rate of Traverse.44.R.W. = Ratchet Wheel
10.C.R.E = Constant Rate of Elongation.45.R.R.W= Required Ratchet Wheel.
11.C.R.L.= Constant Rate of Loading.46.R.D. =Reflectance Degree.
12.C.R.T =Constant Rate of Traverse.47.R.L.C.W.= Required Lift Change Wheel.
13.CSIRO =Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.48.R.P.M =Revolution Per Minute.
14.C.S.P =Count Strength Product.49.SFI= Short Fiber Index
15.C. D. S =Count Data System.50.S.P.M.F =Multi Function Separator.
16.C.V%=Co- Efficient of Variation Percentage.51.S.S.C.P=Spindle Speed Change Pinion.
17.CE= Cleaning Efficiency.52.S.C.P.= Spindle Change Pinion.
18.D.C.P = Draft Change Pinion.53.S.C.I=Spinning Consistency Index.
19.D.C.C.P. = Draft Constant Change Pinion.54.S.C.F =Seed- Coat Fragments.
20.D.V =Desired Value.55.T.F =Twist Factor.
21.D.C. = Draft Constant.56.T.G =Tacho Generator.
22.F.Q.I =Fiber Quality Index.  57.T.D =Time Delay.
23.F.F.P =Floating Fiber Percentage.58. T.W.= Tapper Wheel.
24.H. S.C =Highest Standard Count59.T.C.P.= Twist Change Pinion.
25.H.V.I=High Volume Instrument.60.T.C.C.P.= Twist Constant Change Pinion.
 26. IIC = International Institute for Cotton. 61.T.P.1 =Twist Per Inch.
 27. ISO =International Standard Organization. 62.T.P.M =Twist Per Meter.
 28. L.C.P.= Lifter Change Pinion 63.T. P.CM =Twist Per Centimeter.
 29. L.C.W.= Lift Change Wheel. 64.T.M =Twist Multiplier.
 30. LINRA =Linen Industry Research Association. 65. U.R =Uniformity Ratio.
 31. MIC =Micronaire Value 66.U.H.M.L =Upper Half Mean Length
 32. M.T.P.1.= Mechanical Twist Per Inch.67.U.I =Uniformity Index.
 33. M.M.F =Man Made Fiber.68.VFM= Visible Foreign Matter
 34. M.D =Mechanical Draft.69.W.I. =Wear Index.
35M.R =Moisture Ratio.70.WIRA.. =Woolen Industries Research Association.

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