Author of Textile Trainer: Kazi Md. Rashedul Islam

The author of Textile Trainer is Kazi Md. Rashedul Islam. He wants to develop a solution for proficient engineers and secure a significant position in the textile engineering field using his academic knowledge, technical skills & creativity. By sharing his experience and ideas, this website has been opened to help newcomers and those who want to develop their skills in this field. 

Since Textile Trainer is interested in being involved in a challenging environment where performance will be measured only based on quality, it is common that readers will get authentic and experimental data through this site. 

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Author & Founder : Kazi Md. Rashedul Islam

Kazi Md. Rashedul Islam
Kazi Md. Rashedul Islam

Kazi Rashedul Islam is an Assistant Technical Officer at the Textile Engineering department of Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST). He achieved his Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering from Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET) in 2018. In 2012 he completed a Diploma in Textile Engineering degree from Begumganj Textile Engineering College, Noakhali (TECN). Professionally Rashedul is expert in Denim fabric analysis and wash development. He has an exclusive experience in Research and Development.

Experienced Field:

❖ Denim Washing (R&D)
❖ Merchandising (Denim)

Current Job:

❖ Assistant Technical Officer
Jashore University of Science and Technology,

Academic Experience:

❖ B.Sc. in Textile Engineering – 2018
Apparel Manufacturing
Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET)

❖ Diploma in Textile Engineering – 2012
Wet processing
Textile Engineering College, Noakhali

Professional Experience:

❖ Executive
R&D Department (Denim Washing)
The Delta Quality Fashion Ltd.

❖ Trainee Executive – R&D Dept
Anthony Young Garments Ltd.

Kazi Rashedul Islam has vast knowledge in the following fields: Research and Development, Denim washing, Apparel Merchandising, OHS in Garments Industry, CAD System, Lectra Modaris Software, Diamino Software, denim fabric analysis as well as wash development, making Sample programs according to buyer requirement, restocking fabrics & trims as needed, and developing samples for new buyers, making sample program according to buyer requirement, coordinate with the production department regarding buyer’s approved sample and many more.  

As Kazi Md. Rashedul Islam completed a Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering from Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET) and has significant experience in this field, he knows everything about planning & control of the wet processes to apparel manufacturing, various types of garment washing, setting recipes, development of new fashion and washes according to the latest trend, coordinate with marketing, merchandising and production department regarding a technical issue.