15 Characteristics of Good Size Ingredients and Factors of Choose Size Ingredients

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In the weaving section, selecting good size ingredients is crucial. Cotton, viscose, polyester blends and acrylic/wool blends are almost impossible to weave without the application of size in warp yarn. As a result, most single spun yarns are sized in order to enable successful weaving of warp yarns. This is accomplished by applying starch, an adhesive material, during the process of sizing. Despite being crucial to successful weaving, sizing is also considered a non-value added process. As a first step, warp yarns are sized, and after they have been woven into fabric, the starch coating of the yarn is removed by a de-sizing process. As a consequence, the selected finishing cycle can be accomplished without problems, but obviously at a higher cost. Weft yarn is never sized. Correct sizing can help in the manufacture of cotton cloth, even on old machines. Even with new machinery, inadequate sizing can cause problems during the weaving process, resulting in wasted material, quality, and time.

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Factors to be Considered to Choose Size Ingredients:

When choosing size ingredients, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Type of weaving machinery that will be used to weave sized yarn. The amount of tension the yarn will be subjected to depends on the type of weaving machinery.
  • The type of textile material being sized. Different materials (cotton, polyester etc.) respond differently to the strains encountered in weaving. Depending on the type of textile material used, the size of the material will vary.
  • The stress and strains that the yarn is subjected to during the sizing process.
  • Energy consumption and cost in sizing.
  • The sophistication of the sizing machine.
  • There should be a recipe that gives the least amount of end breakage at the end.
  • Size ingredients should be easy to wash, i.e. a cloth that can be easily de-sized without difficulty.
  • Size ingredients should give the fabric good characteristics so that it will last longer.
  • It needs to be compatible with the machinery and the parts that go with it.
  • There should be no health risks associated with it.
  • It should not cause any degradation of the textile materials in any way.
  • The price size ingredients should be as low as possible.
  • It should be neutral.
  • Size ingredients should be available.

Characteristics of Good Size Ingredients:

This article will explain the characteristics of sizing that make these ingredients indispensable for creating durable and aesthetically pleasing fabrics. Size ingredients are essential components that shape the strength, smoothness, and flexibility of warp yarns. Find out how to choose the perfect size ingredients and how they affect weaving in this article. Listed below are some of the most important characteristics of a good size ingredient.

  1. Easy Removal: Size ingredients should be easily removed during wet processing to ensure efficient de-sizing.
  2. Enhanced Fabric Characteristics: They should improve fabric characteristics such as strength, smoothness, and overall quality.
  3. Non-Degradative: Good-size ingredients should not degrade textile materials, protecting their integrity.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Ingredients should be cost-effective, providing desired performance at a reasonable price.
  5. Availability: The materials should be readily available, ensuring a steady and consistent supply.
  6. Strong Adhesion: The adhesive ingredients within the size ingredients should have strong bonding properties, ensuring proper adhesion to the yarn fibers.
  7. Quick Drying: After sizing, the size ingredients should dry rapidly, expediting weaving.
  8. Color Integrity: Color tone should not be affected by size components, especially on colored yarns.
  9. Stability: To maintain effectiveness, size ingredients should have a long shelf life and remain stable during storage.
  10. Environmental Friendliness: Good size ingredients should be environmentally friendly, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
  11. Adhesive Properties: Good-size ingredients should have strong adhesive properties, allowing them to bond effectively with yarn fibers.
  12. Smoothness: Size ingredients should reduce hairiness and improve the appearance of fabrics by contributing to a smoother yarn surface.
  13. Flexibility: A good size ingredient maintains yarn flexibility, allowing controlled extension without compromising stability.
  14. Even Distribution: Ensure uniform coating and consistent sizing results by distributing evenly on the yarn surface.
  15. Compatibility: In order to achieve a good fit, the ingredients of the size paste should be compatible with the yarn and other ingredients of the size paste.


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