BUTex Admission Test Result-2023: Unveiling the Gateway to Success-Result Announcement

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A report about the results of the BUTex admission test has been released today by the admission committee at BUTex. BUtex, also known as Bangladesh University of Textiles, is a prominent institution of higher education in Bangladesh. Since its establishment in 2010, BUtex has provided quality education and research opportunities in the textile industry. The university’s goal is to develop skilled professionals and promote innovation in the textile industry. There are a number of undergraduate and graduate programs at BUtex, including Textile Engineering, Apparel Manufacturing and Technology, Textile Management and Business Studies, and Fashion Design and Technology. Through these programs, students will gain an in-depth understanding of textile technology, management, and design, preparing them for successful careers in the field. A dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities are used by BUtex to create an environment conducive to learning. In order to ensure graduates are prepared for success in their chosen fields, the university emphasizes practical training, industry collaborations, and research initiatives. Apart from academic programs, BUtex is actively involved in research and development activities. Its goal is to address industry challenges, explore new technologies, and advance the textile industry. In collaboration with industry partners and international institutions, BUtex fosters innovation and promotes the application of research findings to the textile industry. This institution is committed to producing competent professionals, fostering innovation, and contributing to the growth and development of the Bangladesh textile industry.

There are approximately 6013 candidates in this session who are selected by the butex admission test committee. There are 10 departments that will accept candidates. Approximately 600 seats are available for this session.

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BUTex admission test result-2023


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