5 Most Important Differences between Knife Roller and Saw Ginning Machine

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Cotton Gin Process:

When raw cotton is harvested, it contains seeds, leaf fragments, dirt, and other materials that must be removed before being baled. When first picked, cotton seeds comprise approximately two-thirds of the weight of raw cotton. By using a cotton gin, the seeds are removed. In cotton ginning, contaminants are removed from raw cotton. There are three types of ginning. There are:

  1. Saw Ginning.
  2. Knife Roller Ginning.
  3. Macarthy Ginning.

1. Saw ginning:

In the saw ginning circular saw revolves around one shaft. Cotton cleaning is good in saw ginning, but fiber breakage is too high. Sa gin is used for American, West African, and Pakistani cotton.

saw ginning
Figure 01:saw ginning

Main parts of the machine:

1= Feed Lattice6= Brush Roller
2= Spike Roller7= Channel
3= Hopper8= Cage
4= Beater9= Pressure Roller
5= Saw Roller 

2. Knife Roller ginning:

In the case of roller ginning, the cotton fibers are separated from the seed by revolving rollers and knife. It is used for extra-long staple fibers. Seed cotton slides down through the feeder and enters into the closed surface of ginning roller and rotary knife. Revolving ginning rollers held against stationary knife and pulled the lint cotton by separating seeds.

Knife roller ginning
Figure 02:Knife roller ginning

Main parts of the machine:

1= Feed Table5= Leather Roller
2= Hopper6= Edged Knife
3= Compressing Roller7= Stripping Brush
4= Knife Roller 

3.Macarthy ginning:

Macarthy roller gin is used for long-staple cotton. The section is a current single roller Macarthy type ginning system, with two types of doffers.

Macarthy Ginning
Figure 03: Macarthy Ginning

Main parts of the machine:

1= Feed Bar5= Spring
2= Leather Roller6= Grid Bar
3= Doctor Knife7= Adjust Nut
4= Crank 

Difference between Knife roller and saw ginning:

Saw ginningKnife roller ginning
1. Saw ginning is used for short and medium staple fiber.1. Knife roller ginning is used for long staple fiber.
2. Saw ginning is a fast process.2. Knife roller ginning is comparatively slow process.
3. Fiber breakage percentage is high.3. Fiber breakage percentage is less than saw ginning.  
4. Here, used saw cutting disc.4. Here, used spiked roller.
5. Lint fiber Capacity of saw ginning is up to 2000 kg/hour.5. Lint fiber Capacity of knife roller ginning is up to 250kg/ hour.


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