4 Special End uses of Silk Fabric: Luxury Dress for wedding

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Silk fiber is called queen of fiber. Specially, silk fabric is used to make luxury dress for wedding. Beside, silk fiber has different uses. Here, I will describe end uses of silk fabric. Silk fiber is the only natural fiber which is get in filament form. From silk fiber we made different types of silk fabric. In this article, I will describe special end uses of silk fabric. Silk fabric is an excellent material made from a very small and unique worm called silkworm. Silkworms are small insects like caterpillars. This silkworm create something incredible called a cocoon.  The cocoon is similar to a butterfly that emerges as a beautiful butterfly. When Silkworms is adult, they produce the threads. At first, this thread is in a liquid form. It is similar to how spiders make their webs. We get long, fine silk threads from the silk cocoon when we carefully unravel these threads. Then, we weave these threads together to make silk fabric.

A silk fabric is special for many reasons. First of all, it’s so soft and smooth to the touch. When you wear silk fabric, it feels gentle on your skin. Secondly, silk also shines in the light, giving it a beautiful and elegant appearance. 

Thousands of years ago, silk was a precious and luxurious fabric that only kings and queens could afford to buy. It was like wearing something made of gold. Today, we’re lucky to have silk in many of the clothes we wear, scarves, and even bed sheets we use.

Figure 01: Silk dress for wedding

End uses of silk:

Because of its natural beauty, as well as its warmth during colder months, silk has become increasingly popular for high fashion clothing, underwear, and lingerie. In addition to being used in sewing thread for high quality articles, such as silk clothing, it is also used in a wide variety of household products, such as upholstery, wall coverings, and rugs and carpets. Silk fabric has good luster properties. For this reasons, silk fabric mostly used in wedding dress making. Handlooms and power looms are both used to produce a wide range of silk fabrics.

1. Silk Fabric Used in Apparel:

Since silk fabrics have a smooth, soft texture, and natural sheen, they can be used to make a variety of clothing. Generally, silk fabrics are used to manufacture silk dresses, blouses, sophisticated lingerie, ski underwear, and formal dresses. There are a variety of silk fabrics available, including Bourette, Chiffon, Crepe, Damask, Duchesse, Organza, Pongee, Satin, Satin Crepe, Taffeta, and Twill. Each fabric type has its own unique characteristics.

2. Silk Fabric Used in Accessories:

The luxurious feel of silk is also used to produce various types of accessories, such as scarves, squares, gloves, ties, hats, artificial flowers, and handbags.

3. Silk Fabric Used in Household textiles:

Various textiles made from silk are used in households. Silk drapes, wall coverings, carpets, lampshades, and bed cloths add a touch of luxury and sophistication to interiors. A silk curtain or drape enhances the ambience of any room with its gentle drapery, since it has a beautiful drapery quality.

4. Silk Fabric Used in Industrial textile:

There are many uses for silk thread, including sewing thread, embroidery thread, typewriter ribbons, and even racing bicycle tires.

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