Gearing Calculation of Apron Draft Jute Spinning with Easy 2 Formula

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In order to control the original drafting of a sliver, the apron draft spinning frame is very well suited to do so, as it is drafted by a few rollers as well as aprons. It is therefore called Apron Draft Spinning Frame. This spinning frame produces much more yarn than the conventional spinning frame does, and the yarn is much more balanced. The yarn is extremely strong and is much stronger than the conventional spinning frame. In this article, we will learn gearing calculation of apron draft jute spinning frame with easy formula.

Major Parts of Apron Draft Jute Spinning Frame:

Sliver canFeed plate
Retaining rollerConductor
ApronApron plate
Drawing rollerDrawing pressing roller
Yarn detectorFlyer cop
Flyer legBobbin
SpindleBobbin carrier
Bobbin rail 

General Specification of Apron Draft Jute Spinning:

  • Motor rpm                               = 1250.
  • Motor pulley diameter             = 8.5″
  • Machine pulley diameter          = 13.5″
  • Tin cylinder diameter              = 5.8″
  • Flyer diameter                         = 1.8″
  • TCP                                            = 37T
  • DCP                                           = 49T
  • Drawing roller diameter         = 2.4″
  • Retaining roller diameter       = 1.3″

Formula Require for Gearing Calculation:

Following 2 formula is require for gearing calculation of apron draft jute spinning frame.


Diagram of Apron Draft Jute Spinning:

Gearing Calculation of Apron Draft Jute Spinning Frame:

Result of Calculation of Apron Draft Jute Spinning:

  1. Flyer speed= 2536 RPM
  2. Surface speed of retaining roller= 40.98 inch/min.
  3. Surface speed of drawing roller= 940 inch/min.
  4. Surface speed of tin cylinder= 14,333.52 inch/min
  5. Draft=23
  6. Draft constant= 1127
  7. Twist/min= 3
  8. Twist constant= 111


An apron drafting sliver spinning frame is a very important and necessary machine in any jute industry. In this article, I tried my best to present the calculation in a simple way. If you have any questions about apron draft jute spinning, please do not hesitate to ask me. Please spread the word by sharing my article.

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