Gearing Calculation of Carding Machine: Easy and Simple 2 Formula

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Gearing Calculation of Carding

Raw cotton fibers are transformed into a continuous and uniform web through the use of a cotton carding machine in the initial stages of textile processing. Two critical aspects of cotton carding are discussed in this study: motion transfer diagrams and draft calculations. A motion transfer diagram reveals the intricate movements within the machine, while a draft calculation reveals how fibers attenuate and elongate during the carding process. In combination, these analyses provide a comprehensive understanding of the carding machine’s functionality and help improve yarn quality and efficiency by optimizing carding operations. Here, I tried my best to present gearing calculation of carding machine easy and simple way.

Formula for Gearing Calculation of Carding:

Below two formula is require for gearing calculation.

Gearing Diagram of Carding Machine:

Figure-01: Gearing Diagram of Carding

Different pulley diameters and Number of wheel teeth of carding machines:

Parts nameDiameter/TeethParts nameDiameter/Teeth
A=Motor pulley4.125 inchO= Feed roller wheel17
B= Cylinder pulley23 inchP= Carrier wheel 
C= Cylinder of under pulley19 inchQ= Lap roller wheel48
D= Taker-in pulley7 inchR & S= Carrier wheel 
E= Taker-in of under pulley7 inchT= Calendar roller block wheel28
F= Slow-motion pulley10.25 inchU1 & U2= Pair calendar roller wheel 
G= Slow-motion stand wheel32V= Calendar under wheel32
H= Compound carrier wheel112W= Short shaft wheel15
I= Burro wheel32X= Drive wheel to upright shaft20
J= Doffer wheel180Y= Upright shaft med bevel wheel20
K= Doffer of under bevel wheel24Z= Upright shaft top bevel wheel20
L= Cross shaft bevel wheel34A1 & A2= Coiler calendar roller pair wheel20
M= Change pinion20B1= Coiler calendar roller wheel20
N= Plate wheel120  

Some important roller’s diameter of carding machine:

Roller nameDiameter (inch)
Feed roller2.5
Lap roller6
Calendar roller4
Coiler calendar roller2
RPM of motor955 RPM

Gearing Calculation of Carding:

Draft calculation:

The action of reducing the thickness or linear density of the feed material by drawing is known as drafting.

RPM and Surface Speed:

Basically, RPM (Revolutions per minute) refers to how many rotations a rotating object makes in one minute. Surface speed refers to how fast something moves on its surface.

Lap Roller RPM and Surface Speed:

Gearing calculation of carding-2

Feed Roller RPM and Surface Speed:

Taker-in RPM and Surface Speed:

Cylinder RPM and Surface Speed:

Doffer RPM and Surface Speed:

Calendar RPM and Surface Speed:

Coiler Calendar RPM and Surface Speed:

By investigating cotton carding machines’ motion transfer diagram and draft calculation, we can gain a deeper understanding of gearing calculation of carding machine. By laying the groundwork for advancements in technology, operational strategies, and quality control within cotton carding operations, this study contributes valuable insights to the industry’s quest for precision and efficiency.

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