Fiber Fineness on Gravimetric Method for Cotton/ Easy Lab Report-6

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Name of the Experiment:

Study on fiber fineness on Gravimetric method for cotton./ Prepare lab report on fiber fineness tester for cotton fiber (gravimetric method for cotton)


The diameter of all fibers would be easily measured by means of a microscope if all crossed sections were perfectly circular. As a result, the task would be even easier if the cross section was uniform along the fiber length and from fiber to fiber. It is important to note, however, that fibers have a variety of cross sectional shapes and can also vary in section along their length. Therefore, it is necessary to derive some index of fineness that can overcome these difficulties while also being relatively easy to measure. Cotton fiber fineness can be measured using the following methods.

  1. Gravimetric method.
  2. Optical method.
  3. Unidimensional method.
  4. Bidimensional method.
  5. Air flow method.

The following are the instruments which is working on air flow principle to measure the fineness of cotton fiber:

  1. Sheffield micronaire.
  2. ATIEA fineness tester.
  3. Arealometer.

In this experiment, we will determine fiber fineness by using Gravimetric method.


  1. To know about fiber fineness.
  2. Come to learn different methods of fiber fineness.
  3. To know gravimetric method.

As the mass of a fiber per unit length, gravimetric fineness can be expressed. In the USA, linear density has traditionally been measured in micrograms per inch and in Europe, micrograms per centimeter. For linear density of fibers and yarns, Tex has been adopted. Tex refers to grams per kilometer or milligrams per meter. Linear density of fibers is usually expressed in millitex or micrograms per meter.

Standard testing temperature:

An atmosphere at the prevailing barometric pressure with a relative humidity of 65% and temperature of 200 C is called standard testing temperature.


  1. Razor blades.
  2. Sensitive balance.
  3. Comb sorter.
  4. Fiber.

Working procedure ( Gravimetric Method for Cotton):

Figure 01: Comb sorter diagram
Figure 02: Razor blades
  1. Prepare a comb sorter diagram.
  2. Select five tufts of fiber at intervals.
  3. Use two razor blades set in a holder with a 1 cm spacing to cut sections from each tuft.
  4. Count 100 fibers from each of the tufts using a large lens and good lighting.
  5. Collect each group of 100 fibers.
  6. Weight each group of 100 fibers using a sensitive micro balance.
  7. Calculate the mean fiber weight per centimeter from the weightings.
  8. Calculated the linear density of fiber by following formula.

9. Finally, this result corrected to give the standard fiber weight per centimeter.


  1. Make sure that the comb sorter diagram is carefully drawn.
  2. When cutting the fiber in 1 cm lengths, need to be careful.
  3. In order to accurately weigh the fiber, a sensitive microbalance should be used.


Fiber fineness is a very important properties of cotton fiber. Many properties of cotton fiber is depend on the fineness properties of fiber. Fiber fineness is important in case of spinning. Fiber fineness plays a important role to determine the spinning performance. However, During this experiment, our teacher helped us determine fiber fineness by using Gravimetric method. We learned that this method can be used in the future in order to measure fiber fineness. I am grateful for our teacher’s help during this experiment.


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